HealthVape... An oxymoron?

HealthVape  -  sounds like an oxymoron right?

Oxymoron - a contradiction of terms. Health—Vape, mmmm, interesting, that doesn’t sound right, or can it be…  How can vaping be healthy? A positive pleasure, seriously?  

Looking back, many of us have actually been there, smoking or vaping, but we know that this is bad for your health.  We have busy lifestyles and seek a balance by incorporating healthy practices and regular exercise into our daily regime. You know, doing it right to keep going at it every day! 

We loved to vape, but this seemed to be a stumbling block, or vice, in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.  We knew we needed to change our lifestyle, but didn't know how to incorporate vaping into being healthy. How does one find a balance between the two, and have some guilt free pleasure in this relentless pursuit?  So in comes HealthVape, a truly unique product in the market. Let's break this down and clarify the oxymoron, how can vaping be healthier. 

Let's look at why HealthVape is the better and healthier alternative to not only smoking but also traditional vaping.

What do we know about traditional vaping?

Benefit: It is an alternative to smoking and the odour of smoking is not present, nor do you consume the tar into your lungs.

Negatives:  Traditional vapes can contain the following harmful ingredients:

  • Nicotine
  • Diacetyl
  • Acetyl Propionyl
  • Cutting agents (like Vitamin E acetate)
  • Emulsifiers

Some claim that these accelerants and flavourings cause more irrevocable harm than smoking cigarettes. This made us quite worried.

Now let's compare this with HealthVape

Benefits:  It is also an alternative to smoking, without the odour or tar,  but there is so much more!  HealthVape does not contain any of the above mentioned harmful ingredients. It delivers the pleasure with:

  • Zero Nicotine
  • Zero Diacetyl (ingredient linked to popcorn lung)
  • Zero Vitamin E Acetate

In addition, HealthVape is vegan friendly, natural and organic.  Each of the unique six flavour combinations contain a specific variety of vitamins and other dietary supplements. Amongst many, these include vitamin B12,  C, E, Chamomile, Collagen, Melatonin, Cassia essential oils, L-Theanine and even caffeine for additional energy.  So we can now get our vitamins , with all the associated benefits, by using HealthVape, which is essentially a vitamin diffuser. 

The decision was very easy, and the transition to HealthVape even easier. Off of cigarettes and traditional vapes  - and we are still able to have fun while maintaining a balanced and active lifestyle. Guilt free pleasure…so oxymoron no more, now we can breathe health!

To be continued...

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